Meet the Committee

Rodwell Preschool is run by a small committee of trustees, many of whom are parents or persons with a strong links to the community.  

We are always looking for new members!  Please contact the preschool or a committee member for more information on how to join us.

We are also here for you, never hesitate to have a chat with one of us. 


TRACY RICHES (Chair/safeguarding) 


Ali Lewis (Secretary, website)

Jo holmes-Casey (member)

Sarah Rossant (member)

VickI Ciftlik (member)


All committee members are asked to:

  • Attend meetings/send apologies to chair/secretary if unable to attend
  • Contribute to fund-raising ideas
  • Be actively involved in organising and planning of fund-raising events and attending such events
  • Take part in rota's for the following:
  1. apron/tea towel washing
  2. equipment cleaning
  3. carpet cleaning
  • Help with maintenance of building work
  • Be friendly, approachable and helpful to parents/carers and make special effort to welcome new starters


main aim

To ensure the pre-school runs smoothly and efficiently, and that all jobs that contribute to this are done.

Key Tasks


  • Appointing members of staff
  • Providing up to date job descriptions
  • Providing contracts of employment
  • Providing adequate disciplinary/grievance procedures


  • Setting pre-school fees
  • Allocation of monies for equipment/materials
  • Allocation of monies for building/maintenance/repairs etc
  • Seeking grants from outside bodies/organisations
  • Setting and reviewing staff wages


  • Maintenance/repair/cleaning of pre-school equipment
  • Weekly washing of aprons, tea towels, towels etc.
  • Regular newsletters to parents/carers (1/2 termly)
  • Maintenance of notice board
  • Preparing and maintaining up to date list of pre-school equipment for insurance purposes
  • Ensure necessary health and safety measures are in place e.g. an accident book, properly stocked first aid box (the management of these items will be the day to day responsibility of the staff but the committee must ensure the items are present)
  • The committee have ultimate responsibility for the following:
  1. Checking fire procedures/making sure everyone knows how to use fire extinguishers etc.
  2. Ensuring social services registration requirements are met
  3. Ensuring pre-school is a safe place to be for adults and children
  • Keeping parent/carers informed about meetings, activities, courses etc.
  • Ensure proper maintenance and repair of pre-school building and garden shed, fences etc.


  • Provide new ideas for fund-raising
  • Undertake planning, organisation and hosting of regular fund-raising events